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Hello and thank you for taking some time to get to know a little about Rhen.Ovations. Over the years we have evolved our brand and are excited for the direction we're heading. We are focused on creating products that inspire comfort, well-being, sustainability, and style. We acknowledge the deep connection between home décor and well-being and seek to help you curate a lifestyle rich with good vibes.

 Based out of High Point, North Carolina, all of our creations are literally made "in-house" by us. We operate our online store as well as retail attend vendor events, pop-up shops, and more. 




I'm inspired by the psychology of the spaces we occupy and the major roles they play in our well-being. As a mother and entrepreneur finding balance in my life has always been like walking a tight rope. I began to focus on surrounding myself with calming colors, fun, quirky, and motivational quotes, comfortable textiles, and functional lifestyle items. I began to feel more organized, energized, and inspired simply by the vibes I'd curated specifically for me. It was from my own experience that I began to focus on designing, creating, and curating products filled with the same good energy and vibes. 
Quality and sustainability are key factors when picking materials or curating vintage finds for our brand. We know the difference between large scale factory produced products vs. products made by hand with care, passion, and attention to detail. We also know the difference between cheapy made vs. unique and quality vintage finds. 
We are fortunate to be based in High Point, NC, home of the International Furniture Market. Here we have access to quality, on trend textiles and home furnishing. Because we use these "Quality Salvaged" materials that would otherwise be be discarded after each show, we're able to offer quality products while reducing waste in our local and overall global environment. 
The RhenArt Collection by artists/designer Rhonda "Rhen" Neal explores the spiritual journey of an artist through bold design, movement, music, love, and life. This collection is an up close and personal look in to the heart and mind of an artist on her soulful journey.
You can learn more about the artist Rhen on The Blog.  
The Rhen.O jewelry collection is designed and made by hand in my little shop. I love simple and bold eye-catching designs, natural elements, and fun statement pieces that inspire confidence
I create with my personal life experiences in mind: what I've experienced is helpful in creating a more balance, comfort, confidence, and style in my everyday life. Through my own journey I hope to inspire a new way to look at the space we occupy and how they can better serve our mental, emotional, and physical well-being.
Shop with us in the heart of downtown High Point, NC. Visit the art gallery featuring local artists and our artisan gift and popup shop. 
Learn more about our latest project, Gallery On Main.