Custom Pillow Service Pricing Guide


At Rhen.Ovations Studio, we believe that every home deserves a touch of personalization, a dash of creativity, and a whole lot of comfort. Introducing our Custom Pillow Service - the perfect way to elevate your interior decor game while expressing your unique style.


Pricing Guide

Size (Inches) Basic Pillow Price ($) Premium Pillow Price ($)
18 x 18 $42 $54
20 x 20 $48 $64
24 x 24 $52 $70
14 x 36 $52 $70
36 x 36 (Floor Pillow) $150 $215

 All pillows start at our Basic Pillow option.

  • Basic Pillows are designed with simplicity in mind. They contain a polyester pillow insert with no additional frills or enhancements.
  • Upgrade to the Premium Pillow option with luxurious down feather fillers and special Add-ons.


Design Freedom: With Premium Pillows, you have the freedom to incorporate custom design techniques and personalized details that elevate the pillow's appearance.

Enhancements: Premium Pillows come with add-on features and enhancements. This includes turning your basic pillow into a pillow cover for more functionality,  zipper closures add on for easy maintenance, and tubing or trimming for added decor accents. 

  • Pillow Cover $8 additional labor charge
    • Turn you basic pillow into a pillow cover with no zipper for more functionality.  
  • Add Zipper Closure to pillow cover: $5
  • Piping/Trimming: $1.50 / foot
  • Ask for a quote on a more customization. More customization includes creating a more intricate design.  

Pricing Example: 24 x 24 inches Premium Pillow with Zipper Closure, Tubing: $85.00

Please Note:
- Custom sizes larger than 36 x 36 inches are available at an additional cost.
- Our service is based on fabric availability, and we use only high-quality, curated fabric swatches and rolls.
- Allow 1 - 2 weeks for assembly, cleaning, and shipping/ pickup availability. .