The Worst Blog I Ever Wrote


This may be the worst blog entry ever written. Let me set the scene. It's early Saturday morning. The sun is peaking over the horizon. The dew is fresh, and we are heading to The Gray Door Market Pop-up Show! I'd been excited about this event ever since we found out we'd be apart of it. Since we were a last minute entry into the show we didn't have as much time to prepare. With our previously scheduled  monthly pop-up at The Fresh Farm Sale just a week before the event, we knew we'd be extremely busy. Back to back shows are not for the faint of heart. I must have been a crazy woman. What was I thinking? You wanna know what I was thinking? "I am a crazy woman...with ambition!" We were up for the challenge!
Preparation for both events was constant and ongoing. There were very few moments for rest. It seemed like we were constantly loading and unloading, painting like mad women, building walls (absolutely no pun intended), and trying to figure out how to make these two shows the best to date. It was daunting to say the very least.
We ended up having a great show at the Fresh Farm Sale and with just a little under a week we were heading to The Gray Door Market. We were building our display wall, something we'd never done before, preparing new product, and chasing after 3 year old twins, all while trying to do basic things like eating and sleeping. I mean, who needs those things right?

(Photography from The Fresh Farm Sale)


(Mom hard at work building our display wall)


 The morning of the sale was just as hectic as most sales are. Being surrounded by amazing vendors made me feel just a bit of anxiety; what if we don't sale anything? What if our items aren't as good as the other vendors? "Stop it Sheena!" Sometimes you have to stop yourself from being your own worse enemy. We could see the cars lining up down the road awaiting entry into the event and the excitement and anticipation continued to build. There was a mad dash to put the finishing touches on our displays, but we were finally done and we couldn't have been more pleased with the results of all our hard work. Our booth looked amazing and it reflected in our sales. We met so many amazing people (customers and vendors) and to top it off, the venue was breathtaking! I was truly inspired by the vendors creativity and passion for what they do.

Although the day was extremely hot and seemed to drag, we made it to the end with much success! It was time to load up and head home. Even when I managed to get our van stuck on a hill, being able to take in the beautiful view as we waited to be rescued made that little hiccup barely noticeable. I was left with a sense of accomplishment at the end of the day and that view was the cherry on top!



(My view while I'm waiting to get my van unstuck)
We'd finally made it home, unpacked, and were ready to kick our feet up with a bottle of delicious wine form the Divine Llama Vineyards to celebrate. I picked up my phone to review the scenes from the day when to my utter shock I realized I hadn't taken any pictures! No pictures of the venue with it's beautiful rolling hills, vineyard, and livestock, no pictures of our awesome interactions, and NO PICTURES OF OUR BOOTH! AAAHHHHH!!! What happened? Where were the picture? How could I have gone the whole day and not have snapped one single solitary photograph? As I reviewed the moments that I did capture it became all too clear. We were so busy preparing, and selling, and simply exhausted from the whole journey that I only had enough energy to take it all in and not enough to pick up my phone and capture it.
Some of the last picture I took from the whole experience were pictures of my bleeding leg, the scene from my van getting stuck on the hill, and me hiding under the bed after a long day of setting up. It was as if my only concern was documenting my pain. I even tried to document the building of our wall display, but for some reason it didn't fully record. Sigh. It seems it just wasn't meant to be.

(After a long day, it's time to relax)

(Literally blood, sweat, and tears)
So what did I take from all of this? Sometimes the memory is only meant for you. But, next time I will definitely remember to...
I hope you guys enjoy the few picture from my journey at The Gray Door Market pop-up. Some photos highlighting my worse moments even though I had the time of my life! 




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