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Thank you for stopping by and taking some time to get to know a little about Rhen.Ovations. We started our business as a hobby in 2015 re-imagining vintage home décor and furnishings. We've since evolved our hobby into a lifestyle brand. Here you'll find home decor, art, beautifully designed accents, space design tips, and more. We want our products to promote a lifestyle centered around comfort, function, style, culture, and balance.


Our shop features handmade and thoughtfully curated products; new and vintage. We're about interiors. Not just physical but your personal interiors; mind, body, and soul. Life can be stressful which is why we focus on creating a brand that inspires well-being with style centered around our spaces and the items we bring into our lives. Our goal is to help our customers and clients tap into their own creativity when thinking about their spaces. We share tips and products that help you build a better connection with your home; decluttering, organizing, design, styling, and creating interiors that re-energize and promote balance.  It's our hope that the creations and content you discover here inspire and motivate you to make your spaces a reflection of who you are; your needs, wants, culture, and personality- what helps you live your best life. We acknowledge the deep connection between our spaces and well-being. We're here to help you curate a lifestyle rich with good vibes. 

                        THANKS FOR STOPPING BY!

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  • Teresa Reid

    Sheena… my how you’ve grown and become and exceptional woman. I love your spirit, Your energy and your positive vibes. You are going to do exceptionally well just because you love and are truly gifted at what you do! Keep the faith- the belief in your calling and the strength to make it there! Congratulations again and much success!!

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