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ho doesn't love a good t-shirt? They're versatile, comfortable, and timeless. We use t-shirts to express ourselves, make a statement, and showcase our style. In a time where t-shirt designs are in endless abundance we're excited to offer a fresh perspective on this staple piece of apparel. We wanted to come up with original designs with the intention of sparking our desire to know art in all its beautifully complex forms and recognize the legends whose art impacted generations.
We thought what better way to accomplish all of this than with the art work and designs by Rhen. She is best known for her art collection depicting the life and music of John Coltrane. Both being High Point natives, Rhen was drawn to the spirit and energy of this legendary musician. Since 2002, she has shared many inspired works of art from this collection and continues to be inspired to this day.
Art, though worth it, can be costly. We want to be able to share Rhen's creations with everyone and what better way than wearable art! Now you have an opportunity to make your statement with original art that speaks to the soul! We're truly excited to bring you the RhenArt Tee Collection!
When choosing what type of shirts we wanted to use we focused on quality, comfort, and durability. We want our shirts to be your favorite and last for years to come. We used Bella+Canvas tees which are 100% combed and ring-spun cotton offering a comfortable, silky feel. As an Eco-friendly company with ethical business practices, they allow us to offer you a quality, conscious tee.
We hope that you enjoy our newest collection and that you are inspired!

I wanted to sit down with my mother, Rhen, and ask her a few questions about what inspires her as an artist. Get to know the artist behind theses amazing creations and designs.
What does your work aim to say?
"Art, for me, has been about reflection. Tapping into the ancestral part of my being that's quietly guiding me closer to knowing myself and my purpose. My art aims to say nothing, but invoke remembrance and inspiration gained from our history."
What is your style of art?
"I don't really have a particular style. I personally don't believe in limiting myself in my art. It is where true freedom resides and I enjoy exploring who I am through many different styles. My style is continuously improvised with no bounds or limits."
What inspired the Coltrane Collection?
"When you live in a small town opportunity can seem limited. For much of my life I was unaware that Coltrane resided in the very place that I grew up. To know that someone who made such an impact on the world was from the same small, seemingly limited, town immediately opened this door in my life; it's connection and purpose. I never aimed to be as big as he is or even reach as many people as he continuously does. I wanted to be a conduit of his energy and revive his legacy in our home town. I want to bring him back home."
What role does an artist have in society?
Artist are the eyes to humanities soul. We are what gives vision to the unseen. We bring imagery to emotion and invoke feelings that are open to infinite interpretation.Though each interpretation is different, the message stays the same. That we are filled with endless possibility. All of us!"
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We first debuted out tees at the annual John Coltrane Jazz and Blues Festival last year. We wanted to provide our customers with a less expensive way to own a piece of Rhen's collection. The shirts were a hit! Now we're so  happy to offer them in our online store and retail space! "I Caught The Trane In High Point" was one of our most popular designs at the event and a great way to commemorate your experience in our home town!

'Blue Trane' is one of the most popular images in Rhen's John Coltrane Collection! Personally one of my favorites, it's piercing eyes and magnetic stare invites us into the soul of Coltrane.

 Respect! A word synonymous with the legendary Aretha Franklin. This very sentiment is not only healing but strengthening! We wanted to celebrate this phenomenal woman and her message!

We're excited to add apparel to our brand and cannot wait to share more creations with all of you!
We hope you've enjoyed all that we've shared here and thanks for stopping by!


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