Romantic Notions - The February Collection

It's that time of year again where love is in the air. Or maybe it's just that cold chill that has us all a little light headed. Either way we were inspired by both! With this collection we wanted to incorporate a romantic yet cozy feel. We were definitely drawn to a more delicate, rich color pallet. Plush rose and creamy whites were our base with blacks and natural tones to round out the collection.
We also added a quirky element to our stationary that we're excite about! Now you have even more fun ways to express yourself to your loved ones with the "ancient technique" known as writing. Let's get back to the basics. 
We wanted our creations and finds to fill your space with comfortable and intimate elements that invoke not only a feeling of love and romance but a bit of nostalgia and playfulness as well. We're excited to share our Romantic Notions Collection with you! We hope you enjoy this beautiful collection as much as we've enjoyed putting it together and that you are inspired!

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