July 2017 Collection

I've been extremely lucky in life to have found passion in what I do and everyday that passion grows. Ever since we joined the lovely ladies at The Fresh Farm Sale, we've been putting together a collection of items to show monthly. It began with simply gathering as much inventory as we could to sell, with no real rhyme or reason, but with each month, as our passion grew, we found our pieces becoming more cohesive. It's never really been planned out. I don't come up with a theme ( unless it's a holiday). I just look at a piece and say, "What color do you want to be?" Then I stare at it for what seems like an eternity before I become dead set on the perfect color. Then I stare at it for two more days and change the color four more times in my head before I just go for it. When I go thrifting I simply choose what I'm drawn to. Something that creates a stylish, serene, and inviting space. My mother is always showing up with interesting finds; from a cute little antique table to a perfectly imperfect set of vintage suitcases. I find it funny that she picks things I probably wouldn't give a second look to but it all comes together to form a beautiful collection.
We thought it was time you guys got a closer look at what we put together each month. We invite you to join us on our journey as each collection is created and see how it all comes together. This months we wanted to start you off with our biggest collection. In later blogs we will go a little deeper into our journey so stay tuned.
 We are very excited to share what we love to do with you, which is simply finding joy in recreating our space. We hope that you are inspired!   
All of the items you see are available for sale. We do have different avenues for selling and inventory does get spread out amongst different locations. If you see something you are interested in purchasing or if you are interested in custom work, please Contact Us!
We'd love to hear from you!

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  • RHEN

    Beautiful pieces!!! Unique and so creative. I love this collection!!!

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