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e've taken a little break to reconnect with ourselves and our vision for this business. The vision is grand, definitely taking time and focus, but is necessary in our growth. We're excited for what's new, what's to come, and sharing our journey with you! As we re-launch our website we're eager to show you what we've been up to. Our collections are always evolving as we aim for the perfect mixture in styling and decor elements.
The end of Summer is fast approaching (***tear drops***) and we'll soon be transitioning into Fall. This collection is inspired by that transition, mixing the vibrancy of Summer with the richness of Fall. We wanted to focus on fusing natural wood and metal elements with rich hues and textures to create a look that will easily transition your space into the next season.
We hope you enjoy what we've put together and that you're inspired!
We wanted to focus on natural elements and rich hues to create subtle boldness in our decor. We love the mixture of classic metals, natural woods, and vibrant textiles. We aim to create and curate decor that blend seamlessly with each other but can also be combined with any spaces aesthetic. 
***We do not receive any compensation for the purchase of this book. We're simply inspired and wanted to share it with you!
We truly enjoyed putting this collection together and are excited to share it with you! You can find many items from this collection in our retail space at The Market.

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