October Collection


October is almost over but that won't stop me from putting out this months collection... extremely late. Better late than never has been my motto lately. Though I'm still finding the balance in creating a collection, blogging, and life I'm determined to stick to it because it's important to me to share this journey with you. So, here we are. 
Even though this is our smallest collection to date  it's definitely one of my favorites! I'm learning so much about myself with each collection and as I evolve so does my style. A few years ago I was into bright, loud colors and whimsical design. It's amazing the transformation in my aesthetic. I've found myself drawn to clean lines, subtle colors, and natural tones. I've also become newly obsessed with antiquing! I love the look of aged accents and am excited to incorporate the technique into future Rhen.Ovations collections.
The theme for this collection is detail. I enjoy when our customers take a closer look at a piece and find little details that make the difference between simply throwing something together for the sake of a sell and thoughtfulness in every aspect of the design. In a world of so much mass production home decor can seem easily replicated and soulless. I want to make sure everything we put out is uniquely created with love and a sense of passion. We want our re-imaginnings to bring a positive energy to every space. With every collection we get closer to perfecting the quality and innovation we seek to provide for our customers.
I'm extremely excited for where this road leads and even more excited that you have joined us on the journey. I hope you enjoy this months collection and that you are inspired!





All of the items you see are available at The Market (booth #27).  As always you can Contact Us for any item you're interested in or if you're interested in custom work.
We'd love to hear from you and thank you for stopping by our blog!

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