About Our Curated Furniture

Discover Our Curated Furniture Collection

Explore our handpicked selection of furniture and decor, carefully curated to meet your needs. Our collection features:

  • New: Brand new items straight from the manufacturer, in pristine condition.
  • Like New: Previously owned items that show minimal signs of wear, maintaining excellent condition.
  • Slight Wear and Tear: Gently used items with minor imperfections, such as scuffs or scratches, typically from showroom display or transportation.
  • Reimagined and Reupholstered: Furniture and decor that have been creatively transformed with fresh upholstery and a renewed aesthetic, offering a unique and revitalized look.

At Rhen.Ovations Studio, our prices are reflective of the condition of our pieces. We ensure that you receive great value for your investment, no matter the condition. Shop with confidence knowing that our curated collection offers quality and affordability.