Humble Beginnings

It may sound funny, but I've always been grateful that I didn't grow up with many luxuries. Our dwellings were always humble, there was always enough to eat, and my room was not overrun with toys or gadgets. For these reasons I was forced to use my imagination. Now, as an adult (physically anyway), I am beyond grateful for my modest upbringing and for my still vibrant imagination. We tend to lose a lot of that as we get older.

After an episode of Flea Market Flip almost 3 years ago,  my mother encouraged me to start upcycling furniture. "We could do this!", she said, and I jumped right on board. I'd never thought of upcycling much less, actually attempting. This was uncharted territory for me, but my mother's enthusiasm and belief in my potential was all the fuel I needed. So we found a few ugly ducklings and went to work.

This little guy was my first attempt at "upcycling". I found it in a warehouse full of "junk". It's solid wood and heavy but the top had a layer of wood veneer that was in bad condition. I looked at this piece for a very long time trying to get my imagination to work for me. I had no idea what to do or any concept of home decor or design, so I went for it.

I fell in love with this awesome teal paint. What can I say, it spoke to me. There just so happen to be a decorative wood frame and vintage metal tray lying around. Light bulb ( In my Gru voice from Despicable Me. I have toddlers!). With a little sanding, painting, staining, and hammering, my Zen Table was born. Looking back on it, my technique wasn't the best and it's definitely birthed from a vibrant imagination. I loved this piece so much and what it stood for in my journey that I couldn't part with it. So, I decided to keep it. Now it houses my collection of journals, incense, and keepsakes;
and so, the journey begins.
We started selling our furniture and home decor at the Raleigh Flea Market, one of the largest in the state. From there, there was no looking back

My mother and I always wanted to open a store of our own. We'd been so enchanted with the idea of filling a space with all of our creations and unique finds. When the opportunity presented itself, we jumped in head first! Sometimes, we have to step out on faith in ourselves and our abilities. Trusting myself and my potential has been the greatest lesson I've learned thus far.

My mother Rhen, is a born artist. I've watched her all my life create, create, and create. From sewing my outfits and cheerleader uniform, to making beautiful dolls for family and friends; her passion however, has always been in painting.

She is most well know for her collection depicting the art and life of John Coltrane. Witnessing her journey has been nothing short of inspiring.

Whilst thinking of a perfect name that would best suit our store, the idea of Rhen.Ovations was given to us by my loving and supportive step-father. How perfect was that name! Thus, Rhen.Ovations is born. This has been a dream of ours for a very long time, and to see it come to fruition is surreal. We are excited to bring to you, not only our creations and the creations of our very talented artisans, but to share with you, what makes us who we are. We welcome you to join us on our journey of reimagining what art, home decor, and life is all about.


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