We've began an exciting journey using laser cut technology and we're anxious to share this journey with you. Laser cut technology uses a high powered laser to cut  and engrave specific materials. Through this technology we're able to create an array of items for any occasion. Create items for your events decor, add a personal touch to your gifts, or create something personal for you or your business. Whatever the occasion we can create something unique just for you. 

 We're able to work with your own designs as well as offer our design services. Everything is made in our studio/ workshop. Depending on order design and quantity, orders can take up to 3 weeks to be completed. We offer shipping and local pick-up.

There are many materials we can use for your creations.

We can cut:

woods, acrylics, leather, paper, and some fabrics

 We can engrave all of the above plus:

glass, coated metal, some phones tablets and laptops

and more.

Fill out our quote form to get started.  Please include details about your project or idea and the date you'll need it by. We'll get back to you as soon as possible with ways that we can help. 

Let's get started creating something amazing together!