V/Day Collection

It's that time of year again. You know, the time where we seek to express our love to our beloved. The time where we rush out to find that perfect gift to show how much we care. The candy is on sale and the heart balloons are inflated. The roses are in full bloom and the diamonds are on display. Where the girls are giddy and the guys are afraid.
Valentines Day! 

It's just around the corner. Where the text messages are ready to be composed. You know, the ones where the ex is on our mind because for the whole year we were unsuccessful at finding someone worthy of our greatness. Yeah, it's that time. 

Whatever your situation for V/Day, we have you covered. Because this day is not about the best gift or having someone to celebrate it with. For us, this day is about showing love to the most important person. Yourself! If we don't cultivate love for ourselves it'll be impossible to give it to others. So this Valentines Day remind yourself and everyone else what being in love with yourself looks like. We've created a few things to help you out.  
We're so excited to launch our jewelry collection! Each piece is handmade in-house by us. We love bold simplicity. We wanted each of our pieces to fit seamlessly with any style while still being eye-catching. 
You can find all of these items in our online store and in our space at The Market. Thanks for stopping by and we hope you're inspired! 












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